One day I was sitting, just sitting there.

Rocking back and forth, back and forth in my chair.

Then I reached up, and I ripped a hole so big.

Right there I ripped a hole, a hole in the air.

I stepped through the hole to see what I could see inside.

Right before me a dragon was sitting, sitting by my side.

I said, “Hello, Mr. Dragon. How are you today?”

He spoke right back and said, “My name’s not Mr. Dragon.

It’s Stefan. Mr. Dragon lives down the way.”

Stefan stepped back, jumped, and then began to fly.

I reached up to try to reach him, but he was way up in the sky.

I yelled, “Stefan, where is this place? I was in my room,

now I’m here with you.” He said, “You’re inside your

imagination. That’s why the sky is green and the grass is blue.”

I smiled a big smile and looked around me

to see what I could see. It was such a wonderful place.

There were mountains with monkeys that had huge noses

that stretched out a few feet from their face.

And rainbows ran all around me. I tried to

touch them, but they giggled and ran.

I could feel the blue grass between my toes.

But it didn’t feel like grass. It felt more like wet sand.

I closed my eyes tight and opened them again.

And there I was right back in my room.

But I knew I would be able to see Stefan again

the very next time I wanted to pretend.