I believe in good people and bad people.

I believe in right and wrong.

I believe in things we can and cannot see.

I believe our future is what we make it.

I believe justice will prevail.

I believe in fighting for beliefs.

I believe that love will conquer all.

I believe bad things happen to good people.

I believe the value of a life means nothing to some.

I believe lives can be ruined because of a single incident.

I believe that few keep their innocence.

I believe the strong fight for those few innocent lives left.

I believe we should all stick together for what’s right.

I believe in love for those who haven’t forgotten how to.

I believe in forgiveness.

I don’t believe in good and bad karma.

I believe in life.

It is what we make it.

It is what we decide to believe in.

Just don’t think to hard about it.

Life won’t wait.