I’d like to write an apology to Neumann for not listening. I’ve been in school now for three years and seven months, and have come to think I know it all, and I think that is what he took away from our conversation. I was wrong. I’ve flipped through in our time a couple of times and felt I could scoff at his explanation of my choice to not wear a suit and tie to work ever. How little did I know what was out there.  I find that Neumann probably does have the answers now. I wonder if you might know where I can find him. Surely he is not out protesting with you, though I’m sure he would agree with your cause, as his honor dictated.

In my new job, I’ve been writing and editing the pulp fiction that comes into our office daily and I have to say, it’s quite scandalous. I was so bored with reading it at first that I took up reading Russian novel for some real conflict that I could remember, but I push ahead through these people’s rewrote old words anyway, and I find myself longing for a nonprofessional tragedy, or at least some originality.

Neumann must assuredly be out on the lake. He always talked so fondly of capturing fish and releasing. How do you get out to that road? You take a left, a left, and another left off Deadman’s, as I fondly remember him telling it straight ahead.

If I could deliver this letter to him personally I would, but I’m not sure I could get off from work. Neumann told me when last we spoke that I didn’t know for sure what I was escaping from, and that my dreams of things like MLK first arriving on Defoe’s island, and of building big communities where I wouldn’t have to wear a suit and tie except when I had something important to say, and even then, only in jail, and I could leave my neck collar loosed were absurd dreams.

I didn’t understand what he was saying, but now I think I do as daily I’m shifting through pages and pages of individual thoughts that bore me, and at times excite me, but I edit them away nonetheless.

Maybe I should be out there with you without my suit and tie on the picket line, because if it weren’t for my one Word retort that I made to his NEW Abstractions, I don’t think I could work with him in the nine to five, and keep waiting for my cabin trips nonetheless.

I guess I would just like you to take this out to him, and tell him I hope the fishing’s good, and tell him for me in no uncertain terms, though I still don’t get it, I know what I haven’t got, and Neumann, he may just after all be a little right.


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