‘Ghost dancin’ round the fire is what we used to do as kids. There wudn’t no TV or shit like that back then. We had to play, really play. We would be cowboys and Indians or G.I. Joe men even though we didn’t, couldn’t afford the action figures. But we heard about those guys and saw them on the playground at recess and knew how to play better than any of ‘em. But there was this place we used to go out in the field where we would play with our matches.  There’s somethin’ about fire that makes it the coolest toy in the world for a kid. The way it blazes up some quick and that you can control it. I’ve seen on TV where fires have burned down whole buildings and bunches of trees and such, but I was always able to control my fire with a stick.  Sometimes I would have to shake the wood with my stick to keep ‘er, get it going. Sometimes I’d have to use that stick to push the wood further in to make sure the fire didn’t spread out too much. We would start those fires when it was the dead of night and tell ghost stories around them. It was Jimmy my little brother that one day got up and started dancing around it. The freest thing I’d ever saw was that, my brother stand up and dancing around like that. He was beautiful so I got up and started dancing around it too and pretty soon everybody was standing up and dancing around it and the light hit our faces from the fire and made us look kinda spooky and cool, like ghosts. Pretty soon I didn’t think we were who we are at all, but somebody else. Somebody different and we did that all the time lighting those fires with Daddy’s matches. I still remember. I still remember it like it was just yesterday ghost dancing around those fires and prayin’ way down deep inside that it wouldn’t stop and I wouldn’t have to put it out. Pretty soon…pretty soon I guess we gotta put out every fire that we start don’t we?’