“Desperate” is a good description of your type of support for our troops, Mr. Whipple. I normally don’t write to these sorts of things, but I just can’t believe the kind of useless rhetoric that passes for intelligent thought these days. It doesn’t surprise me that you can’t conceive of what it means to support the men and women of your own country to a greater degree than those with which we’re at war. It goes right along with the other elitist drivel that I keep getting bombarded with just trying to get from one class to the next, but then again that’s probably the skewed media warping my mind into believing in my country, the audacity of them. However, I’ve got to admire you and your crowd for their consistency, right down to the last line of your article. “Fuck unity – come join the side of peace, love, and justice.” There is no peace in the phrase, “Fuck unity”. There’s no love in the phrase, “Fuck unity”, and certainly there’s no justice to be found in the phrase, “Fuck unity”, or perhaps you were being ironic. Oh, those witticisms! When you choose to use words, which can be just as violent as any kind of fist or gun, to shove a sword between a school, a community, a nation. You’re not seeking justice, but some kind of perverted notion of self-importance felt by going against the establishment. I’ve got to admit; it is the hip thing to do these days. It’s the same thing that I’ve had veterans tell me happened to them during Vietnam. Hippies – somehow they were able to think abstractly and be all open-minded about peace, love, and drugs, and wear their ratty clothes, and smoke pot, and talk about The Man when they were living off of Mommy and Daddy’s paycheck which came from the evil corporations that kept them fed, and someone else was fighting their war for them, regardless of their spoiled ingratitude. At least our vets got some fun items – dung – thrown at them when they got off the planes that finally brought them home. I only bring this up because change a few words of your article, draw some tie-die in on the shirt you wear for your column, and we’re having a flashback. Perhaps, you’re right. Maybe we should all think abstractly about war, and how everyone’s the same, and there’s no real right and wrong, and evil once again is something that we should discuss, rather than defeat. Maybe we should write to all our soldiers overseas and let them know your open-minded views on the state of affairs in the world. We, as a country, truly are the evil ones. I mean the proof is in your article for all the world to see. I can’t dispute it. Our country has actually from time to time looked out for our own interests, rather than the interest of others, and it’s blown up in our faces before. That’s a reeeeal shocker. That’s some hard-hitting reporting is what that is. When I’ve heard the same thing from the other little carbon copy Whipples, or are you the carbon copy?, over the past, oh say, a couple of decades, it never really hit home, but now! I’d like to thank you, sir, for opening up my mind, and once again I’m glad to know that, even with your education at UT, you can’t differentiate our country, our society, our family of Americans from a segment of a country to which you, like me, more than likely have never been, that hates us, chooses to conspire to kill us, and is ambushing our soldiers as we speak. I wonder. Y’know I’ve been with my friends before, and had someone threaten them, and been forced to defend them before. Would you have, in that situation, waited to find out what the matter was before you defended your buddies? Maybe some assertive, edgy logic while they were pummeling your associate would have settled the matter. If our men and women in uniform would just give an enemy soldier a hug today, rather than be meanies, that would make things all better, oh, and shake their hand after they burn an American flag. What was the President thinking when the answer was right there in front of our noses? Whip out some of that Whipple logic. Oh, wait! Let me read through again. You have no solution; you have nothing of value to bring to the table of peace. All rhetoric, and no substance. You know I’m not sure who said it, but how true it is, the more things change, the more they stay exactly the same. I’ve got to hand it to you, Mr. Columnist. You’re the greatest.